We’ll teach you the fundamentals to efficiently and independently manage your Google Ads account.

Basic Google Ads Training Course:

With this course, we will explore together what Google Ads is, how the auction system works, and how to appear in the top positions of search results through the proper selection of keywords. By the end of this training, you will have a clear understanding of Google Ads and be equipped with the knowledge to effectively utilize the auction system and target the right keywords to achieve the right visibility in search results.

We will focus on the various types of Google Ads campaigns and how to plan them with tools such as the Keyword Planner.

Together, we will understand how to create effective and high-performing ads with clear and compelling call-to-action messages

Aligned with the latest updates released by Google, we will dedicate a section of the course to the study of audience segments and how to identify the target audience within the conversion funnel.

We will closely look into the various bidding strategies available to participate in auctions and understand how to optimize them effectively.

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the results of your campaigns. We’ll teach you the meaning of the key Google Ads metrics and how to read them.

The Program

During our training, we’ll focus not only on the theory but also on practical exercises. This will be achieved through this four modules:

Module I

Module I

- What is Google Ads and what does it do?
- Google Ads vs Organic
- How to create a Google Ads account
- Basic structure of an account
- Conversion Tracking
- How to choose campaigns according to your objectives

Module II

Modulo II

- Search Campaigns: Keywords and how auctions work
- Search terms and negative keywords
- Key metrics
- Keyword Planner and budget planning
- Ad creation
- Extension creation
- Quality Score

Module III

Modulo III

- Display Campaigns
- Video Campaigns
- Selecting the right target: audience segments, placements, topics
- Remarketing Segments
- Campaign bidding strategy

Module IV

Modulo IV

- Google My Business
- Local Campaigns
- Google Merchant Center
- Shopping Campaigns
- App Campaigns
- Reporting and analysis of key metrics


Professionals looking to expand their skills in the field of digital marketing.

Companies that want to understand the performance of their advertising campaigns.

Marketing managers interested in optimizing their online advertising budgets.

Advertising agencies seeking a practical course to enhance their clients' performance.

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