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Status-Quo Analysis

The analysis is carried out using various tools and processes such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keyword Planner, competitor analysis, and website UX evaluation. We study your target market to identify the correct target audience and related search trends.
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Google Ads Advertising Plan

Based on the analysis done, we provide an advertising plan aimed at achieving your business objectives. We define the structure of the advertising campaigns, allocating a daily budget that aligns with the market demands and your target audience.
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Campaign Optimization

We constantly monitor the performance metrics of the campaigns thus enhancing the account's performance and ROAS. Employing targeted cost reduction strategies and innovative solutions, we strive for continuous improvement.
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Google Ads offers different platforms with various functionalities which one can choose depending on the objective.

It is therefore often necessary to use multiple campaigns simultaneously to ensure a comprehensive advertising coverage that reaches the target audience across various platforms.

Search Campaigns

There are various types of search campaigns: Standard, Dynamic, and Express. Their success depends on several factors such as keywords and their respective quality scores, bidding strategy, and audience segments.

Display Campaigns

Through visual banners, display campaigns reach different types of users who may not perform direct searches on Google. It facilitates the communication with your target audience regardless of their position in the conversion funnel.

YouTube Campaigns

YouTube campaigns provide an opportunity to convey a message through a highly engaging and interactive format. With this channel, we can reach extremely targeted users based on their interests and/or past searches on Google.

App Campaigns

These campaigns make it easier to promote your app on Google's major platforms. Depending on your objective, you can choose from various subtypes of campaigns, such as installation and in-app engagement, to effectively reach your app's target audience.

Shopping Campaigns

The Shopping network is ideal for e-commerce websites where the primary goal is increasing sales. Through detailed work in the Merchant Center, it offers the possibility to accurately optimize the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of the campaigns.

Demand Gen Campaigns​

These campaigns give you the opportunity to share your brand's content. In this way, you can intercept an extremely large and targeted audience with visually appealing ads on all Google properties.

Local Campaigns

If your ultimate goal is to drive in-store visits, this campaign is essential. To achieve this, the creation and optimization of a Google My Business account is required.

Performance Max

Allows you to increase the number of conversions by being visible across all Google networks: YouTube, Search, Display, Discovery, Gmail, and Maps. Additionally, you can leverage new and unique formats to advertise products and services.

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